D&AD's White Pencil initiative

D&AD hosted a round table with some of the world's leading creative directors at the Cannes Festival of Creativity last month. The initiative, to support, the launch of D&AD's White Pencil initiative.

D&AD Roundtable, Cannes, June 2011 – The D&AD’s White Pencil initiative

The launch of the D&AD’s White Pencil talks to a new generation who value community spirit more highly. The communications industry is waking up to the idea that going it alone is the antithesis of sustainable business and that collaboration, between agencies and between clients, is the way to effect real change.

D&AD Roundtable, Cannes, June 2011 – Technology

Has the world of communications become a geekdom? T-shaped people – those that can operate as generalists but possess a deep vertical superpower – could provide the remedy for a communications industry that is in danger of addressing business problems with technology rather than great ideas.

D&AD Roundtable, Cannes, June 2011 – A force for good?

The communications industry has a responsibility to produce ideas that have a positive effect on society. But is the answer a few agencies with social issues at their core, or all agencies giving 1% of their time and effort toward making our industry a force for good?

D&AD Roundtable, Cannes, June 2011 – Diversity

White, male and middle class. Though every agency believes in diversity and gender equality, the uncomfortable truth is that the communications industry remains skewed. Could the answer be not box-ticking, but recognising that a creative business and its clients can only truly prosper through the life views of people from many different social backgrounds and ethnicities?

Roundtable contributors:
Malcolm Poynton (Chair) – European Chief Creative Office SapientNitro
Sanky (D&AD President) – Co-Founder and Art Director, AllofUs
Remi Babinet – Co-Founder, Chairman and Group Creative Director, BETC
Bobby Hershfield – Creative Director, Mother NY
Jan Jacobs – Co-Founder, Johannes Leonardo