Controversial Super Bowl ad by Doritos and Pepsi MAX


Feed the Flock is an entry in the Doritos and Pepsi MAX Crash the Super Bowl is creating an uproar. The ad shows a desperate priest trying to get his flock back. He asks for help from God and Pepsico answers his prayers. Is it offending? Yes, for some. Is it effective? Yes, it went viral.

As you must have heard from me several times in the last year or so, religion is the next taboo that advertising will break down since sex and politics have been exhausted. Remember the the blasphemous posters from New Zealand? Religion is an easy subject to make fun of and many brands will take a stab at it.


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Jaap Grolleman
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Haha, I like it. Has Christianity no humour?

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I have Christian friends who found it funny.

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Ron Burgundy
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Now Glen Beck has something to talk about on Monday

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This is an interesting marketing tactic by Doritos and Pepsi. You mention how religion is easy to make fun of, and I think that we will see more of this in advertising in the coming years. I can also see how many people would take offense to this advertisement, but maybe that is what they were going after when they made this. Controversial Super Bowl ads always receive much more attention whether they are aired or not. When we talk about ads such as this one, it is that buzz factor that Pepsi and Doritos thrive from. My friends and I perceived this ad as humorous, but one of my friends who did not like this ad said that he would not avoid purchasing these products just because it was offensive to him.