Advertisement hosts first annual worst ad in america awards

Do annoying jingles, creepy animated characters, and cheesy celebrity endorsements in advertisements rile you up? If so, wants you to vote! Kicking off today, is on the hunt for the worst ad in 2010—and no company is safe.

“Every day we are bombarded with commercials that we have no control over,” said Meghann Marco, Executive Editor of “Now is the chance for viewers to shout back and put their worst commercials on the chopping block for all to see.”

In mid-August, the editors at asked readers to name the worst commercials currently airing on TV, and the response was overwhelming. The only qualification placed on potential nominees, aside from being grating, overplayed and obnoxious, was that they had to be for national brands, and air during 2010. Among the ads that drew complaints were those for Progressive Insurance featuring “Flo, the Progressive Girl” and those for the yogurt Activia, featuring actress and pitchwoman Jamie Lee Curtis.

On Wednesday, September 22, will post the full list of nominees and open the door for voting on the worst of the worst. Categories will include:

  1. Absolute Worst Ad In America
  2. Most Grating Performance
  3. Most Annoying Animated Character
  4. Celebrity Who Apparently Lost The Most Money In Housing Crash
  5. Duo Or Group That Most Needs To Be Broken Up
  6. Creepiest Commercial

The winners in their respective categories will be announced on Wednesday, September 29 and will receive the coveted “Fast-Forward” Award. All winners will be based on consumer votes.

Click here to visit and view the 2010 nominees this Wednesday, September 22.


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I want to nominate the new freecreditreport band for duo or group that needs to be broken up. Fuck their hipster bullshit and bring back the original pirates.
that is all.

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Activity Score 6

Any ad for a prescription drug. Especially the ones that say there's a good chance you will have explosive diarrea and uncontrollable vomitting as a side effect, but you should still ask your doctor. wtf

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This is a great idea! I see so many commercials each day that I just cannot stand! I would like to see what the results were is there any way that Ivan can find this info?