Commentary on Wrangler "We are animals campaign"

"We're People — Wanker" reads the campaign, which was created a day after the highly controversial Wrangler "We are animals" campaign won the most prestigious Cannes Lions Press Grand Prix award. Clearly people are divided about the Wrangler campaign and either feel offended by it's message or the lack of. I personally like the campaign, I think it works. And, I like the humor of the spoof as well. Good work!


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To tell you the truth Ivan, I like much better this satire than the actual Wrangler campaign :S

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I love the original one much better
idea is more remarkable than excution

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me too!

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me too. controversial. ok. but why give it the grand prix just for that?

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Man that was fast! This one has way better photography than the Wrangler campaign.

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Agree... that campaign didn´t deserve the grand prix.

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haha, that was fast. I agree that 'being different' need not be the only reason for a GP. And the criteria for last year's GP (Energizer) were different?

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ha ha, that was fast. Not too sure about Wrangler's GP winning merits. It's different though. And the other end of the spectrum from last year's GP winner.

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these are brilliant

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the wrangler campaign is shite, it seems that the jury were way out of step with
everyone else who works in advertising. very disappointing that such average work
with a weak insight is deemed the best print ad in the world.

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me gusta más esta campaña que la de cannes

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i think its a "Wanker" campaign.. and not a "Wrangler" campaign...

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like this, its more on animal rights,... lol!.. right to public usage.

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Creative copy and creative locations. Even if the copy is a spoof of the wrangler campaign, it is much better used here. i love it.

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M Jacob
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An idea is as good as it is extendable across media. The Wrangler campaign is succinct, usable across any media. That's a real idea. Hard to find a positioning like that these days? You are not thinking. You are just a techie.

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To be honest I like this much more than the original one, which is not really a GP!

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