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Zooppa will be officially launched on 1st of March, 2007, but in case you want to participate in the creation of the first viral I though you know about it as soon as possible. So let me paste in the letter from Allison Green, Chief Evangelist of Zooppa:

Why you might be interested in
We just launched, the first ital-american startup about advertising and viral marketing, led by Mr. Big Zooppa, an entrepreneur living in Brooklyn. is built on its boss’ strong personality. The result is something completely different in the over-crowded Web 2.0 panorama.

Social advertising: an emerging business model's purpose is to create a community of professional and amateur creatives and videomakers that compete in creating the best and the most viral video commercials ever.

During time, will provide agency briefs sponsored by international brands.
Basing on those briefs, users will be asked to shoot short, effective videos.

Videos will be then available for voting. The community itself will choose the best ones which will be rewarded with real money.

Not only videos will be rewarded: through the Zoopbank it will be possible to gain credits (Zoop$) for different kinds of participations such as voting or submitting a storyboard or an original piece of music. Once a threshold is reached, credits will be converted and paid in US $.

What’s difference?
We aim to launch a new style in online advertising. First of all, we ask our users to play and have fun with us and with the brands we submit them from time to time. This explains the choice of designing on its leader odd personality.

Moreover, we want to create a kind of advertising not built on other media models, but clearly focused on the Web. In particular – as everyone will notice after the official launch of – we will concentrate our efforts in a developing system of blog-oriented advertising.

What's going on right now? is currently going through its start-up phase. We decided to give full evidence of it
to the users by offering a rich visual documentation about the frenzy that's going on here.

A first promotional contest has been launched, too: it is about Osè, the cool male underwear brand designed by mr. Big Zooppa himself. Contest is already open to everyone's contribution, winners will be announced by Mr. Zooppa on 28th February.


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