Spoiled bitch gets the wrong color birthday car

Here is a lesson on how to get hundreds of thousands of people to your website in a few weeks.

Step 1: Get your sister's birthday present filmed:

Step 2: Get it watched by 300+K views and 1K+ comments in less than 2 weeks on YouTube.

Step 3: Get dugg to enter sub-mainstream media. (Like this blog)

Step 4: Post reply to the original video and create a celebrity out of McKenzie and generate even more interest and following:

Step 5: Post another related video, that finally reveals the advertiser behind the whole viral campaign:

Step 6: Expect hundreds of thousands of visitors to your promo website:


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Mackenzie is a 17 year old spoiled bitch who thinks she owns everything she actully pays some people at school to make fun of others, and she is evil. fucking bitch.

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