Brazilian agency is Cannes Agency of the Year

To receive the Agency of the Year Lion, DDB Brazil's president and CEO Sergio Valente went up the Palais des Festivals stage with all his team members that are in Cannes, France for the 56th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

And with a quick "Yes, we can", he celebrated the Agency of the Year 2009 title.

This was the fourth time that the agency -founded in 1989 by Nizan Guanaes and Guga Valente - won a worldwide title in Cannes.

The first two titles were in 1998 and 1999, when it was still headed by Mr. Guanaes, who is now chairman of Brazilian Communications group ABC (20th largest Marketing Communications group in the world). ABC has a minority share of the winning agency, along with other Advertising, Marketing services, Content and Entertainment companies.

In 2005, just after six months of having Sergio Valente ahead of the agency, it won the tittle of Cyber Agency of the Year in Cannes. A copywriter who was in his twenties when he has first come to work at the agency, Mr. Valente was 40 years old when became president and CEO of the agency, leading it to that 3rd Cannes title.

For this 2009 title, the Brazilian agency won nine Lions - two golden Lions, four silver and three bronze ones. Mr. Valente is already in his way to the airport in order to flight back to Brazil.


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And than you say that Brazil is BECOMING an ad potency...

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Man, their work is sooooooo much better than Fallon's, CPB's, etc., etc., etc.
Cannes Festival: keep the illusion alive! Way to go! Cheers!

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and in second place is AlmapBBDO from Brazil as well. I don't understand when people say Brazil is becoming the mecca of advertising or something like that... Brazil has always being one of the best if not the best countries in advertising, Washington Olivetto is the most famous advertisers/copywriter in the world, please do some research and get out of your surroundings to see the real world people.

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