Autarky Project, or how wanting to party can turn into a campaign of self-promotion

When they discovered that DDB Paris would not be able to send creative people to the Cannes Advertising Festival this year, seven of them decided to organize it differently. Determined not to be stopped by the economic climate, they set out to find a solution.

Their idea is based on a simple observation: DDB Paris his numerous clients in varied sectors of activities. By asking all these clients to support them by offering them products and services for free, the seven creatives would be able to go to Cannes and live there from the 19th to the 25th of June without spending a Euro.

The Autarky Project was born

With the predictable support of all the entire agency, Marc, Laurent, Alexis, Paul, Olivier, Benjamin and Matthieu have launched themselves into the improbable human adventure with uncertain results. The creation of a dedicated Facebook page will allow clients and market players to follow the progress of the project, its preparation, but especially the week spent at Cannes thanks to all the products which the creatives have been working on all year.

This initiative, which might look crazy at first glance, is aimed at showing that at DDB Paris, whatever the problem might be, a creative solution always exists. The agency emphasizes the value of its clients, bringing them towards a partnership relationship. It also asserts a cheerful, upbeat, positive and determined spirit which represents a real added value in these difficult times.


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Facebook and other social media networks have suceeded in delivering agencies with a transparency that allows consumers to have a closer connection to brands. DDB Paris utlilizes this transparency by showing consumers its exact problems and involving the consumers with the solution. It seemed to work for DDB as it now has the opportunity to attend Cannes, free of cost. DDB Paris communicated its need for support on a direct level with consumers and it served the company well. Digital and social media are becoming more and more prevelent as the catlysts of change in the world of communication and advertising. This example illustrates more of what is to come with the utilization of the digital/social network.

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