Asphaltgold's Lacing History Calendar 2014


An ode to the sneaker.

Once people started wearing sports shoes outside of sporting facilities, the foundation for one of the biggest fashion phenomena of our times was laid – if not for the biggest ever: sneakers. Over the past four decades the sneaker has evolved from a purely functional object into a fashion statement, a lifestyle accessory – and an object of desire.

Thousands of designs in thousands more colors have flowed out of the factories of various manufacturers, each more innovative, colorful, and intriguing than the last.

Some of these models stand out against the massive sea of sneakers and leave a lasting impression. These are shoes which seem to have a perfectly balanced feel to them. Color, shape, function – each element coordinates perfectly, turning these sneakers into unforgettable legends.

This calendar displays the best of the best.

Twelve legends from the books of sneaker history. Carefully reviewed and selected.

Each photographed in the perfect setting by twelve photographers.

Accompanied by twelve pairs of shoe laces – that are part of the calendar.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Directors: Holger Oehrlich, Philipp Barth
Art Directors: Peter Sigg and Cornelius Hafemeister
Copywriter: Tassilo Gutscher
Photographers: Nady El-Tounsy, Manuel Mittelpunkt, Reinhard Hunger, René Riis, Andreas Reimann, Achim Lippoth, Jan Kornstaedt, Benjamin Pezo, Himmel & Burwick, Johann Cohrs, Ragnar Schmuck, Markus Heumann
Art Buyers: Anne Weskamp, Yannik Nielsen
Client Services / Project manageers: Vera Terporten, David Mayer
Published: December, 2013