Hilux ad

Thought I'd throw up some older work by Tim Brown and Pete Buckley of Saatchi's Sydney for Toyota Hilux. I'd been working on the graphics for the T-shirts and when I rolled onto the shoot on the day... well I kinda ended up beecoming the talent.

Still cracks me up.


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Is this a blog post or an exhibition for critique. Let me know if you want me to move it. You will get feedback in the forum exhibition.

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Hey Ivan, no mate I wasn't putting it up for review. I was tsting the new blogging feature and having a bit of a laugh at myself. The ad did go on to win a bunch of awards and a lot of friends thought it was pretty funny to open a mag and find me there pretending to suck d_ck. If you don't think it's appropraite mate, take it down. I won't be offended.

Keep up the great work bro

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Oh not at all. It's fine. I just wanted to make sure!

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Are these available for sale?