Africa, Ad Agency From Sao Paulo, Named International Agency Of The Year 2014

São Paulo, 4 February 2014 - Advertising Age has named Africa International Agency of the Year. After an election by the magazine's editors, Africa has achieved the most significant recognition in its history, an award that both attests to, and highlights, the quality of Brazilian advertising.

The criteria for the selection included the agency's growth, the creativity of its campaigns, innovation, and contributions to its clients' business success.

"Every year Ad Age selects an outstanding International Agency of the Year to honor and this year Africa stood out for its growth, creativity and the effectiveness of its work,” said Abbey Klaassen, associate publisher of editorial and audience at Advertising Age.

“Africa consistently helps push the limits of creativity of its clients. We also liked Africa’s spirit of innovation, through the Africa Lab.”

The magazine also makes it a priority to bring interesting stories to its readers. Africa's story, only 11 years long, was the one that most earned the attention of the editorial board.

“We had some wonderful entries this year from around the world—our runners up are We Are Social London and Colenso BBDO in New Zealand—but Africa stood out and we were excited to tell its interesting story”, explains the publisher.

Nizan Guanaes, founding partner at Africa: "Usually we only perceive that a day has been historic after much time has passed. But right now, we know this is a historic day for Africa and for Brazilian advertising. That's why today is a holiday here at Africa."

Marcio Santoro, Africa's co-president: "This award shows how Brazilian advertising delivers an extremely high-quality product to advertisers and consumers. It's a recognition of global impact, which only increases our confidence for the future”.

Sergio Gordilho, general creative director and co-president: "Africa was born out of a dream, a big dream. In a market with so many great agencies, there's no room for small dreams. Over the last eleven years, we've made many of our dreams come true, but we could never imagine that this dream would take us so far. More than just an award, this is a watershed moment. Today, we don't want to wake up!"

Among the highlights of Africa's performance over the last few months was the creation of some of the most-viewed commercials on YouTube, such as those produced for Head&Shoulders, Oral-B, Gilette, and Banco Itaú. The agency was also chosen, for the fifth year in a row, the Most Admired by Carta Capital Magazine.

Check out the work of Agency Africa on Ads of the World.


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