Advertisement campaign by 1789

Title: Caroussel

Title: Gorilla

Title: Lamp

Title: Generic

Copy: "Ads of the World - Entrust your good stuff"

The campaign references the following ads:
Cadbury "Gorilla" film
Ikea "Lamp" film
Sony "bravia" film
Philips "Caroussel" film
Nova Radio "Le grand Mix" prints
Lego "Imagine" prints
Greenpeece "Boomerang" prints

Advertising Agency: 1789, Andorra
Creative Directors: Baptiste Clinet, Jo Dubruque, Nicolas Lautier
Photographer: Louis Vincent
Production: A Present Paris
Retoucher: Wiloneo


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Jaap Grolleman
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It's good, but what I find wierd is that the link is missing ( People might not realise it's a website?

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They'll have to google it. Also, the campaign's intention is brand building, talking to people who already know AotW. It's like Coke talking to existing customers.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Alright, fair enought ;-) I think it does that very well yes. Still a url wouldn't have hurt I think, it's just a small detail that can work for the people that don't know AotW. I'm not sure if those people would actually Google it.

Having said that, I don't know how many people do or don't know AotW. It might be a small part of advertisers (and readers of the magazine) after all that doesn't know about AotW.

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I agree. When we put it into Archive or AdaAge we'll add a small url. Thanks!

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Well, first of all - good job. Did not know there is somebody in Andorra capable of such thing. I only thought all of them have some cheap chinese electronic shops or liquor stores. URL will surely help. But I would also refine the line, it can be be better.

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good stuff, but where are the 3 containers full of condoms? ;)

I agree about the line. it should make clear, the stuff is archived and handled with care.

also, i dont like the first one in the row. you need to see it's big

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I didn't find the references very clear.