AdsoftheWorld YouTube Channel's Top 10 TV spots in '09

You can watch AotW's YouTube Channel right here on AotW or on YouTube. Here are the top ads from 2009 ranked by number of views. These ads qualify as virals.

#1: NMCU (Norwegian Motorcycle Union): Bugs

#2: Science World: Ice creamy goodness

#3: Microsoft Office Project:

#4: Audi A5: Car transport

#5: Plane Stupid: Polar bear

#6: Duracell: Bunny Fusion official version

Original unofficial version used for ranking is here.

#7: Topline Kiss: The kiss

#8: Porsche: Family Tree

#9: Orange: Words | 65 second version

#10: Le Monde Magazine: Nipple


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Great selection – it will also great if we can see how each company’s ad changes as the years go on. Big advertisers such as beer companies, automobile and phone companies often have to come up with even more interesting ideas to capture their fans and customers.