AdPages is a breakthrough content marketing platform from Issuu

With AdPages, publications can advertise themselves in a way that combines the emotion of reading with the interactivity of the web. For publishers, it means a new, do-it-yourself way to gain exposure and get engaged readers. For advertisers, it creates a new outlet to a monthly audience of 50m users where they can offer readers highly targeted information.

As Issuu's Mik Strøyberg explained AdPages is the essence of content marketing and advertising. Today, when users click on display ads they are almost always teared away from one that site to the advertiser’s webpage. Users must then navigate back to what they were originally looking at, jarring them out of context. AdPages solves this problem for everyone from subscription-based magazines to product-based catalogs by displaying full-screen publications and interactive readable content without ever leaving Issuu, and giving users the freedom to return to their original publication at anytime. For publishers, AdPages is easy to set up, because ads are essentially made when you upload a document to Issuu. Your magazine, catalog, e-book, or portfolio can be easily repurposed as a sidebar ad targeted to select audiences. Issuu will sell and serve the ads, based on a user-determined cost per reader.

London-based Fiasco Magazine turned their traffic up by 400% through their AdPages campaign, which they admit were greater rewards than their time and efforts spent at Facebook and Twitter. Here's the ad they ran:

Fiasco also told Issuu that the AdPages-generated traffic would help them attract advertisers to their own publication.