AdAge officially says AotW is No.1

The rating is based on many factors including incoming links, user activity, traffic and other subjective and non-subjective measures.

This result couldn't have been achieved without you. A big thanks goes out to you and I hope I can rely on your help in 2010 as well!


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Harrison Quak
Activity Score 2

I bet you don't have to do any SEO thing out here for your site, it happens on its own with so many people visiting this wonderful site. I really like visiting your site :)

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Yes I do SEO, but not the link dropping and spamming kind. Thanks for the kind words.

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Activity Score 54

just signed here, look cool!

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Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Congrats Ivan! =) Keep up the good work and stay innovative!

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Activity Score 464

gratz ivan
hope the chinese version will be as good as this one

happy new year,btw

ivan's picture

I hope so too. Thanks for all your help so far! :)

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Activity Score 13557

Congrats! Of all ad sites, this one's the best!