A new kilo of KesselsKramer

Communications agency creates slightly lighter sequel to its collected works

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First there was 2 kilo of KesselsKramer, a book that was more like a brick. Published by PIE books, this hefty tome contained all of the Dutch communications near manic output over ten years. Every piece of work from the very good to the not so very good was included.


Now there's a new kilo of KesselsKramer, the follow-up, the kid brother, collecting the best of KK from 2005 until right now.

Shingo Miyoshi, President of PIE Books: “We approached KesselsKramer in 2004 with the request to publish a book about their work, and were delighted with its success. So much so, that we’re now happy to introduce the sequel.”

a new kilo of KesselsKramer features many extraordinary benefits to the consumer, including a strangely green cover and less chance of back injury (being much lighter than 2 kilo of KesselsKramer).

KesselsKramer book

KesselsKramer book

KesselsKramer book

KesselsKramer book

KesselsKramer book

Content wise, a new kilo of KesselsKramer reflects both our times and the spirit of the agency, with more ideas executed in more media than ever before. Inside, you’ll find novel uses for posters, TV and internet, solutions for budgets big, small and non-existent, books about bad hotels, books about overlooked art, magazines about porno curiosities, and treasure buried under a roundabout. There’s work for clients including Vitra, J&B Whisky, MTV Japan and Absolut. a new kilo also features several grams worth of exhibitions, with the Venice Biennale and the Arles photo festival (among others).

Taken as one lime green package, a new kilo of KesselsKramer is a compendium of stuff that’s creative, baffling, rude, helpful, useful, inspired and (occasionally) pointless.

Almost no babies were harmed in the making of a new kilo of KesselsKramer.

A new kilo can be ordered online through KesselsKramer Publishing and in bookshops worldwide.


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This is amazing. Hope we have these kinds of books too.

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Yeah it's one of the best agencies in the Netherlands I think.

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cute child,good books.

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Very powerful, giving a different feeling! We should look at the book!