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To keep the name of my new blog in line with a former entry Ex-Senior, I named it Ex-DTP. Why you might ask yourself? Well, I finally made a decision and have chosen to quit my job. I hated it already so it wasn't really that difficult.

I am quitting my job, this Wednesday is my last day, for a very simple reason. I want to be free in my work. I am doing stuff that I do not agree with, making things I find ugly, and arranging advertisements about which I see no reason for. And I do these things for 1 simple reason, because my boss says so.

I decided I wanted to go back to school, specialise myself in Graphic Design and get a the degree of Bachelor. No more work.
I reckon, if I need to word until my pension is here, then I need to work until I'm 65. So I really do not want to start just yet.

I already signed in, took a test, was granted acces. So I'm going for it.
For the people who read this from Holland. The school is Artez in Arnhem. Maybe the can give me a clue or heads-up about it. Maybe if they are students there we could talk a bit.

Anyways, my work also gave me a very nice privilige. I read Ads of the World 4 times a day. That way I am always on top of the newest ads, the biggest clichés and the biggest Faux Pas's of advertising.

I got to know a lot of interesting people, and I want to mention a few that have taken a special spot because the contributed something to me.
ellehcimeo, Ivan, Pixelbomb1, Joseph Campbell, brandsurgeon

These people always were very nice to me. I tend to keep this site in my bookmarks when I sart going back to school. And I hope to put more work of mine up for criticising.

Until then. Thanks ivan, elle, pixel, joseph, brandsurgeon and all the other friends I made here.

Guerilla, Minimum style

Yeah I promised it, so here goes. Me and a couple friends tought it was nice to do something on our last day at ad school. So we went to our school at night and started working.
We loved the old school in art, games and living...soooo

As it was our last day we went on the notion of "GAME OVER"
We made "Space Invaders", "Tetris" and "Pacman" because our school had brightly coloured stripes on its front.

Pasting Space Invaders

Space Invaders (me on the left)


For comparison in size

And a bit of pacman

Wonderbra......actually good this time

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

I know that we all hate the wonderbra ads and every single student gets to wrestle it. There are 100 diffrent ideas en every idea has been done at least 300 times.
What I now want to say with this movie is the following:

It is not the brand of the ad that makes it good or bad at first hand. It doesn't matter that wonderbra is used 1.000.000 times. Think, just go nuts, go wild and think of something diffrent, outside of the box. I saw an ad in the exhibition with soupplates that are placed a little bit further. Thats good. Same as this ad, completely out of the box. Think of a medium you wont expect to see something like this on.

Please make conceptual thinking extraordinary again.

Thanks for your time.

Ads of the World Awards

Ok, there was a thread that mentioned this, so now I will write this out all the way.

The idea is to have an award ceremony of our own. Where Ivan and 4 CD's are the main jury's. The main jury then consists of 5 members all of Ivan's choosing. This jury will make up for 50% of the score for the ads and will also pick the nominee's for each category.
The other 50% of the votes are made up of the registered users of Ads of the World. They can vote via a poll system.

There will be 3 awards for each category. Gold, Silver and Bronze. The name for these awards is not yet stated.

The awards will be held each quarter. So there will be 4 sessions in a year. And host (writer) for each session will change each session so every award session will have its own atmosphere.

The Main Jury:


Gold @AOTW award
Silver @AOTW award
Bronze @AOTW award

TV (Cinema and TV)
Print (Press and Outdoor included)
Online (Microsites and Banners)
Ambient (Direct and Ambient)
Student (Anything that is posted in the Exhibition section)

Now I only ask of you, humble user to suggest names for the awards. The best will be chosen. I hope Ivan will contact me in due time for the names of jurists.


Its 10 AM, I'm sitting in my office that I redecorated yesterday. I pulled up a second desk so that it forms a big 'L'. They don't seem to get that a creative needs his space. My junk is already cluttering my new 'big' desk, I am happy.
But something feels off. Although my desk is full, I have my ads and folders to produce and I'm working in Ads of the World. I feel empty.

Spring is starting and I can feel this in the air. The sun is waking me up in the morning because I dont have curtains. Ireally hate those things, they are ugly and therefore dont belong in my room. And whenever I have to work late I can smell the evening setting.
But these feelings also bring forth memories, memories of better days. Memories of last year.
I miss it. To be in school, working on an audiovisual assignment, creating a new typeface. And most of all, hanging with the boys. The boys, my friends with whom I spend everyday. Lying in the grass of the schoolyard, drinkng a beer on a warm summersday. Being a senior suddenly grants you priviliges you never expected. The girls look more interested all of a sudden. They know that you are far more better than they are in graphics, you are older hence sexier and you are a senior so they think its cool to hang out with you.

I found this out the bad way. She was interested in me, so was I in her. We hanged out, we kissed, we slept. We were a couple. Until she came back from vacation and all of a sudden she didn't 'feel' it anymore. She said that now I left school she didn't have the chance of seeing me that often.

We broke up, she has broken me.

I walked around with this shadow for half a year. Knowing that she was only interested in me because I was a senior. I was devastated because I gave my life, I put all the effort I could muster in her. But as soon as I was gone, so was her memory of me. We spoke after the incident and I learned that she never tought of me anymore. Moments later I found out she had a new boy. Yes, a senior.

But nevertheless, I miss those times. The lads and me still hang out. Wearing the flip-flops, drinking the beer, putting on the sunglasses and look at the ladies. Because after all, we are the ex-seniors.


This is my song, not rhyming but from my hearth. Hope you enjoy. I wrote it and play it with my friends

Stoken bij Geert (Stefan Rutten)

When the moon shines from the heaven,
And the sun is in your hearth,
When you gaze over a patch of grass,
Or the beach for a start.
The feeling of something missing,
A form of jealousy and sorrow combined.
And you know that there’s someone out there. Forgetting You.

It should be sunny and warm,
With the smell of fresh grass and pretty barefoot girls.
But I’m straying off again.

Memories are birds, hovering on the air,
Warm or cold, it doesn’t really matter.
You gain sadness and joy, treasured wit others,
Hopefully plenty of times re-used.
Yearning for the days you were together,
With that one person that really mattered.
Who later on made your lust of life disappear.

It should be warm and late,
With leaves of red and girls with woollen scarves.
But I’m straying off again.

Friends with whom you spend everyday as your last,
Lying in the grass oblivious of harm.
Outside beers, inside beers, celebration beers, it connects.
People you turn to when in need, they’re there for you.
Friends for life or for a short time,
Whenever, love for your life, life as a lust.

It should be cold and white,
With red cheeks which sting in the wind.
But I’m straying off again.

Searching for people who make you taste of joy and happiness,
Music as your safe haven in times of sorrow.
Cold and blue without others in front of the fireplace,
Almost Christmas, new year wishes and expectations you abandoned.
You want to live again, walk around on flip flops, that was nice.
A new year started, new days, new chances, a new chorus line.

It should be green,
With pink flowers who smell like apples on fresh dew.
I think I’m going to stray off.