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Like burgers?

Check out this crazy link to a site dedicated to hamburgers and toppings:


Joseph Campbell has another game for us!

Hi all,

By proxy, I bring you Joseph Campbell's next game for us.
Here is the premise:

The idea is to pair the title of a pop song with a product, making the title of the song the tagline.
For example, take Mobil Synthetic Oil and The Arcade Fire song "Keep the Car Running". That's a pretty boring
one, but I think folks could come up with some interesting things.
Now the rules, there is only one, you must choose a song that was done in the last 20 years. For the math challenged, that's 1987-2007.

Joseph is looking forward to reading what we post, so let's not disappoint him.

Let the game begin!

Bengal Spice Tea

Need a little lift? Don't want the caffein and don't want to drag around the same old same old tea bag through the water?
My friends, may I introduce you to Bengal Spice Herbal tea by Celestial Seasonings.
It will lift your spirits, invigorate your souls and prepare you to face the day with renewed vigour.

I've attached a jpg of what to look for on your grocery shelves.

Natural Metropolis

Look around where you walk, you will find beauty in the concrete.
Nature will always find a way, through itself or through us.

Paco Underhill

Like most of you, I'm sure, I've read tons of books on marketing and sales and creative techniques.

One that stands out is Paco Underhill's "Why we buy, the science of shopping". There is actually a science to shopping people.

I'm attaching the first page for your perusal. It's available in paperback form for around $10 CAD on Amazon.ca.

Two thumbs up.

greener days

The environment is a hot, topical issue, and I'm curious what we, as an industry whole, are doing to help the environment. What we are doing to reduce our impact on the earth's resources.
I'll share with you what I do everyday, I hope you will share, here, what you are doing.

- use a travel mug to buy my coffee
- bring my lunch in tupperware
- store left overs in tupperware
- ask for less packaging if i do buy my lunch
- keep metal utensils at work, never get the plastic ones
- turn off all appliances when i'm done with them
- use environmentally friendly light bulbs
- use the microwave to reheat meals rather than the stove or oven
- bring strong hemp bags to put my groceries in
- when i do a quick trip and forget my hemp bags, i reuse the plastic bag they give me
- use used newsprint and embellish it by painting or drawing on top of it to wrap gifts
- re-use gift bags
- recycle all paper and plastic and metal
- buy quality used furniture
- repurpose or donate old clothes
- take local transit, purposely do not own a car
- buy locally grown produce whever possible
- have a low flow toilet
- low flow, high pressure shower head and taps
- turn the temperature down on heaters at night, pile on the sweaters in the winter
- talk about it

if i think of other things i do i'll post them.

here's one sight to check out: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/

looking forward to reading what you do.

Birds of a feather

The five sibling teenaged owls commiserate together in a hidden corner, on their favourite branch, somewhat camouflaged from my view.
I wonder what they are plotting. Maybe they are chatting about the fresh mice they got last night. So much more fun to scoop them up live and wriggling in the beak than freshly thawed and limp. The crunch of the beak barring down on the fresh ones is so much more satisfying.
My best friend, since I was four, is a zoologist and currrenlty specializes in birds of prey. She was recently working on contract at The Owl Foundation, where they rehabilitate wild owls (who have been hit by cars and trucks) and get them fit for release.

I think about them often now, and want to share them with you. Here are some of the photos we took when I was granted special permission to visit the centre. I was also moved to sponsor an owl, a north american pygmy owl.

Here is a website too, in case you would like to check it out.


my view (quite litterally, actually)

i am home sick today. went out with some friends to celebrate one of them getting a job. my old copywriter and good friend actually. i got a bit of food poisoning while out. drank a few sips of nasty, skunky, beer. of course, i couldn't tell it was skunky at first, having already had two pints of Denison. and of course i asked my friends to taste the suspect beverage as well, to make sure... aren't i a nice friend?

so i am at home and have a rather bleak view to show you. hopefully, soon, we will be moving to a nice artist co-op building by the lake. the view is much improved in the spring and summer, as there are leaves on the trees and little grey and brown birds fly around, busy making nests, then busy feeding their young.

i don't much feel like watching any mind rotting daytime television. so i will continue to look out the window, imagining the life that will swell on the tree soon, as i sit reading MakeReady and surfing at the same time.

Flowers on a foggy day

I decided to walk to work today. It takes about 50 minutes or so, depending on my amble. It was grey out and somewhat foggy, and humid.

I noticed some walking flowers peeking through the fog. Women wearing red pants, green pants, bright blue pants and yes, yes yes yes, yellow pants. It was incredible. They peppered my walk with a colourful spice. Flowers on a foggy day.

Usefull website and new music purchase

As the title would indicate, I have found a new usefull website and purchased some new music.

And here they are.

LCDSoundSystem-SoundofSilver *I can't begin to qualify their sound. Good-for-jammin'-at-your-desk-music

Today felt like the new Monday, but then the really cool guy at HMV helped me with the CD purchase.
Thanks cool guy at HMV. You put Tuesday right for me.

A book for inspiration

I just got a really wicked belated birthday present from my boss. It's a book named:

Readymade: How to Make [Almost] Everything: a Do-It-Yourself Primer (Hardcover)
Here is a promotional blurb one can find on the inside cover. I'll try to write the whole thing without any errors:

"ReadyMade embodies a spirit of not just DIY, not just reuse/recycle, but a revolutionary sort of aesthetic ethos that allows us to make elegant objects from unelegant things. Because elegance is decadent - and we can't have that during wartime - elegance is only acceptable if it's pasted together, with spit and glue, from the detritus of a too-prosperous/too-ridiculous world. This is ReadyMade. For now, it's theonly tasteful way to have taste" - Dave Eggers

Don't you just love that? What kind of DIY book is this? I can't wait to find out. I'm cracking open the pages right now.

Here's a jpg of the cover attached as well.

Really "special" greeting cards

I like to find odd greeting cards to send to my friends and family when they are celebrating certain occasions. I've been known to send Jewish holiday cards on Valentine's day. It just seems so constricting to have to buy from the cards that were specially made for certain occasions, when other cards will deliver my sentiments so much better.

I've also resorted to making my own cards when I can't find the appropriate message, but I don't have any of those on my Mac at this location. Some other day, if I remember, I'll post one or two. We'll see how I feel.

Here I've attached two of my favourite cards, that I've painstakingly scanned and reduced in size so as not to be a greedy guts and take up too much server space.

Blog virgin

I have read many other blogs out here on the interweb... most seem to have a purpose. I'll save my purpose for another day, a day when I realize what my purpose is.

Today I was taught a lesson in patience at my local Loblaws grocery store express lane. Aster, the cashier, less likely to speed up than George Bush to bring back the troops, showed me the redundancies of express lanes. They aren't "express", they are not a means to get you out of the store faster because you are making fewer purchases than those giant buggy pushing juggernauts known as soccer moms. They are a study of human interaction and breaking points. Aster delightfully chatted with all four people who were ahead of me for a mean time of 5 minutes each. I was trapped in the line as there were metal dividers on both my sides and 5 other people behind me. The banter was completely riveting. Who doesn't wan to hear about the letter that lady sent to a tea company and then got free coupons for said tea (which took another 2 minutes to arrange on the cash register).

I waited my turn and kept saying over and over in my head "what would Oprah do"

The title of my blog, for your consideration

My friend, Tara, drew me this wicked illustration for my birthday. I wanted to share it with you all. Hope you like it as much as I do.