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Reply to Kamikaze

In another place Kamikaze wrote:

these days, we ad folks are churning out Creative Public Service Announcements, but with the sole objective of winning metals. Even the ads made for Greenpeace, are pitted against each other, but only at myriad award functions, made especially for the awards jury. In this case what do you think should be done, in order to shift the focus from winning metals to actually create something that earns results?

The pious, and correct, answer is that public service ads created especially for awards juries defeat the object both of award schemes and of doing public service.

If no one is complaining, it's because the award schemes, of which there are far too many, get their entry fees, the jury members get their mugshots in the annuals, the "clients" get a bit of cheap publicity even if it is limited to the ad industry, and some of those who have paid the entry fees go away with bits of metal. So, apart from the people who have failed to win, everyone is happy, a few bucks have been made, egos have been stroked and nothing of value has been achieved.

This is a very paltry kind of success. Anyone who wants to push their abilities and create marvellous work, especially someone who wants to make a difference in the world, should stop worrying about advertising awards.

Learn to create really powerful communication and the world will bring sacks of trophies to your door. Being a polite person you will say thank you, and mean it, before you throw them away.

For me the act of communication begins with feeling. If I had to dissect what the process of writing is, it is feeling, vision, intention, technique, discrimination, suffering, perseverance. Technique can be taught, the rest can only be talked about.