3rd Annual "Wrath of Cannes" is Back with a Vengeance

Is the Wrath of Cannes a bitter response to the self-congratulating, glad-handing, marblebag-wearing, Dom-swilling, bronzer-slathered soirees that fester up on the beach in Cannes?

Now more than ever, yes. And make no mistake, Wrath of Cannes’ creators—indie agency Woods Witt Dealy & Sons—would rather be there.

But due to unprecedented layoffs, agency budget cuts, management fear of the perception of extravagance, and plain disinterest, Wrath of Cannes resonates this year more than ever.

2009 is kicking our industry’s ass. It’s time you kicked back with a foolish, boozy, pointless celebration of the best work your battered but too-dumb-to-quit souls can muster.

Visit for more info (before you dive in, don’t forget to roll over the “firing squad” videos on the homepage).