2ergo announces SMS click-through tracking technology for mobile marketing campaigns

New features give mobile marketers more flexibility and better customer behavior tracking within SMS marketing campaigns

Arlington, VA – October 20, 2009 – 2ergo, a leading global provider of mobile products and services, today announced the launch of its new Mobile Messaging Click-Through Tracking technology that allows marketers to more easily measure the success of their SMS-based mobile marketing campaigns. With 2ergo’s new technology, marketers can track exactly how and when consumers are interacting with the SMS messages they receive, including the number of total and unique click-throughs to a mobile website, mobile page views, user flow, and the time and date of each interaction.

“Previously, marketers who initiated SMS-based marketing campaigns were limited to reporting solely on the number of messages delivered, which obviously isn’t a clear indicator of campaign success,” said Chris Brassington, Group Managing Director of 2ergo. “This new proprietary technology is a huge step forward for the mobile industry which has historically struggled to track results and prove ROI. It gives our clients just what they’ve been asking for – a better understanding of the effectiveness of their mobile marketing initiatives and the actions from their target audiences by tracking user interaction every step of the way – from SMS message to mobile URL click-through to completing the campaign’s call-to-action.”

2ergo’s Mobile Messaging Click-Through Tracking works by attaching a special token parameter to the end of a URL within an SMS message, which 2ergo dynamically replaces with a unique identifier for each individual customer when the messages are sent out. When the recipient clicks on the link from the text message, 2ergo records that unique value and then tracks every page the customer visits on the mobile site, along with the time and date of interaction. Along with comprehensive summary statistics, the linear easy-to-read user flow reports provide marketers with more detail and greater insight into how customers are interacting with mobile marketing campaigns.

LM&O Advertising, a full-service marketing agency based in Arlington, VA, is the first company to utilize 2ergo’s new SMS Click-Through Tracking technology. "We began our relationship with 2ergo a year ago when we collaborated on an outstanding campaign featuring a new mobile website for one of our clients," said Brian Graziano, Senior Marketing Manager at LM&O Advertising. "Today we’re excited to utilize 2ergo’s new click-through tracking technology, which will make it possible for us to provide our clients with the quantitative data necessary to truly demonstrate the effectiveness of our mobile marketing campaigns.”

In addition to SMS click-through tracking, 2ergo has also added SMS Menus to Mobile Messaging Manager. Using this new module, mobile marketers can set up a series of SMS-based questions with different menus of options that guide users to a specific result or to another module such as subscription alerts, polls, trivia or feedback. Menu creation is simple with a drag-and-drop interface, and reports will show popular paths and keywords as well as each user’s path through the menu tree.

SMS Menus are great for gathering customer data, running mobile surveys, providing customer service or help content, and executing targeted marketing campaigns that offer different information based on a user’s response.

Acision, a leading mobile communications company and partner with 2ergo, recognizes the value of this feature for clients to create a “digital dialog” with customers. “At Acision, our goal is to enable digital communications between our clients and their customers,” said David Frail, Global Market Development Director at Acision. “2ergo’s latest SMS Menu innovation provides carriers, as well as brand advertisers, with an enhanced channel of communication that presents a more sophisticated dialog with customers.”

These latest product releases within Mobile Messaging Manager are part of 2ergo’s “Interactive Messaging” product line which forms a key segment of 2ergo’s extensive product portfolio. 2ergo’s product offering provides organizations with a 360 degree approach to mobile marketing, mobile business and mobile entertainment.


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I think this is a great idea - often people who run mobile marketing campaigns are not able to track how effective the campaign is and also do not gather the lead information to use in future marketing capmpaigns