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What the..?

The official line is "This is the vision at the very heart of the new London 2012 brand."
But what do you all make of the 1980's cover band logo?


And now it's gone so far that people are referring to the logo as "Lisa Simpson giving head"

Don't understand? Let me draw you a picture.

And there's even an online petition, more an issue with the English and their love of both complaining and queing than anything else.

You little prickie.

I'm not sure wether I love the actual buttons or just how good they look on this website...
mmmm delicious.

Permacord by Mother's like being in the womb, but without space issues.

Hilux ad

Thought I'd throw up some older work by Tim Brown and Pete Buckley of Saatchi's Sydney for Toyota Hilux. I'd been working on the graphics for the T-shirts and when I rolled onto the shoot on the day... well I kinda ended up beecoming the talent.

Still cracks me up.