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Its All About The Grapefruit

Alcohol is something that has been advertised in millions of ways over the years. Beer commercials, which definitely made BUD-wiser ;) and others known in the ever growing market full of drinkers. Wine, the ever most sophisticated liquor, also referred to as a 'lady's drink', is often found in chiller tubs at special dates when 'he' plans to pop the question. What is it about wine that just makes you feel a class-apart, snooty to the core and superior in all senses.

The following ads are of Casas De Bosque, a Chilean wine company coming up with their 2007 campaign for their series of wine. The ads depict different wine bottles with wine related phrases by famous people and related artwork. The ads give a very pleasant taste of simplicity and a magnificent flavour of creativity. The classy look of the ad just makes you want to grab a bottle and enjoy the taste of the wine. The whole team at Mostro ad agency in Chile gets a salute from me for this one.

Advertising Agency: Mostro, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Daslav Maslov
Art Directors: Pablo Silva, Daslav Maslov
Copywriters: Gastón Morales, Nicolás Concha, Gonzalo Rossi
Illustrator: Mal de Ojo
Digital Illustraor: Salamagica