20 ads you can never unsee

The ad with the cat above reads: "What is on your floor is not always on your mind." Check out the dog ad from the same campaign too. Then, proceed to see 20 ads from Ads of the World that will surely leave an impression on your visual cortex forever. Click the images for larger images and credits.

"Sexual predators can hide in your child's smartphone."

"Your body is our inspiration"

"Touch both sides for added enjoyment."

"The arms trade is out of control.
For an arms trade treaty, join us on"

"You're not a sketch. Say no to anorexia."

"Ideas change this world."

"Some things can't be covered. Fighting women's abuse together."

"Precision prevails."

"Arno Mixer Deluxe: The perfect mix no matter the ingredients."

"WMF Boning Knife Series"

"Tamayo Museum. Contemporary art."


"Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.
I'm lovin' it."

"Put yourself in a mink's place.
Don't buy animal skins!
Animals suffer like we do."

"Be born again. Take a multimedia art degree."

"No one needs to know what you did last night."

"Global warming ready"

"There are better ways to make career."

Finally, click the image below to see the most brain imprinting videos on Ads of the World:


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