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Hijabi's Are Hot! - Brown Man Clothing Co.

Our new client, Brown Man Clothing Co., specializes in urban street wear for South Asians all across the globe. Recently, the company has been receiving a lot of criticism for a design that portrays a woman wearing a hijab, a cultural head garment that covers the hair, with the caption ‘Hijabi’s Are Hot!’(www.brownmanclothing.com/desiguy.html) Hijabi’s, is the slang street term for the females that adorn this cultural garment.

The criticism that our client has received states that females that wear the hijab do so out of modesty and from choice. By depicting a caption that these women are ‘hot’ is causing the opposite effect of what these women are trying to portray.

Our client advised that the shirt is not to degrade Muslim women at all but to indicate that this cultural garment, with all of its submissive and modest stereotypes attached to it, that the women that adorn them are in fact beautiful. Their message is to indicate that the cultural is beautiful, the women are beautiful and although seen as modest, are still sought after.

Brown Man Clothing Co. has had many requests to drop the ‘Hijabi’s Are Hot!’ design but yet it still remains to be their top seller. In fact, the image is only offered on their mens line but many requests have been received to include the image on their womens clohting line.

Is the image too much? Is it pushing the envelope? Is it wrong? Or is it a great way to depict a cultural garment in a different manner?