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Tesla Inspires Dramatic Ghost Ad

A surreal land of oil & gas is visited by an unlikely yet welcomed stranger in this concept ad made for Tesla Motors.

How Three Creatives Got Their Big Break

Breaking into the creative industry is no easy feat—even the most successful artists had to start from somewhere.

The view from above: A photographer puts life in perspective with a unique vantage point

You have a ton of things to consider — how high or low you want to be, the weather conditions, the quality of light — you have to make quick decisions to optimize your time in the air.

Three artists, three takes on nature

With its beauty, force and vulnerability, nature is one of the most compelling themes used in visual storytelling. Here are three ways visual artists illustrate concepts associated with the natural world, and how the outdoors play a leading role in their work:

Visual trends team makes 2016 predictions

They are to images what Anna Wintour is to fashion.

Art Directors pick their favorite shoots from 2015

Getty Images’ award-winning team of art directors continually pushes visual boundaries with their inventive, thought-provoking and imaginative imagery. While they are always looking ahead to express the trends of tomorrow, we asked them to reflect on the past and share their favorite shoots from 2015.

Photographer nails the emotion of surfing by using musician's approach

There’s not a random pixel in any of my photographs.

Four artful takes on Pantone's Color of the Year picks

In our increasingly visual world, color has become an essential power player in both imagery and storytelling.

In Africa, photographing the fusion of modernity and tradition

"I understand the privilege of bringing a camera into a place that has endured a 30-year civil war"

4 factors that make a powerful visual

We’re living in a visual world, and becoming far more fluent in the language of pictures. With an avalanche of images coming at us every day on screen and yes, still in print, the question on everyone’s minds is: how to stand out?

Advertising inside of Video Games: Alienware/Dell

Watch the in-game advertising campaign for Alienware/Dell UK. Alienware manufactures high-performance PC gaming laptop and desktop computers. The campaign was a brand awareness campaign promoting the 'Alienware Alpha', 'Alienware 13', and 'Alienware 51' computers. The campaign was geo-targeted exclusively to the United Kingdom, and ran across the RapidFire Network.

Video Vanguardians: How brands are using video to spread social consciousness

As the world becomes more connected, issues like poverty, disease, education and human rights are no longer isolated problems – they are worldwide concerns.

How Miroslav Georgijevic got to the top of the mast – in work and life

“As an adrenaline guy, the first thing I saw on that boat was the top of the mast. The problem was how to get on it.”

Keep your holiday images relevant with these 6 trends

The way brands visualize the holiday season is shifting. No longer is it acceptable to rely solely on images of families sharing perfectly wrapped gifts around a Christmas tree; brands are celebrating diversity and localism. And with that comes a much broader range of holiday imagery.

How to choose stunning still-life images that won’t break the bank

Still-life images are having a moment. From Christian Dior’s couture catwalk to your Instagram feed, these images seem to be more on-trend than ever.

Keith Reinhard receives CLIO 2015 Lifetime Award

Keith Reinhard is Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide, which ranks among the world’s largest and most creative advertising networks with 200 offices in 90 countries. DDB has won more Grand Prix awards than any other agency in the over 50-year history of the International Advertising Festival in Cannes. As a working creative director, Keith was responsible for McDonald’s “You Deserve a Break Today” and State Farm’s long running theme “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There.” Teams under Keith’s direction created award-winning campaigns for Anheuser-Busch, Volkswagen, PepsiCo and others.

Tap into the mind of a Getty Images Art Director

iStock by Getty Images’ talented art directors act as a creative backbone to develop and curate innovative, high-quality images and videos. Among them: Getty Images Senior Art Director William Bon.

Ones to watch: 4 Japanese photographers whose work is like fine art

Much of the imagery in Getty Images Prestige is the result of the unique relationship between art director and photographer — built over many years of collaborating to devise unique and original ideas or new takes on classic themes.

Into the Deep: Tyler Stableford’s hauntingly beautiful shark images

As he waded in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, watching his model as she gasped for breath in between takes, Tyler Stableford had one thought going through his mind: “I just bit off more than I can chew.”

McDonald’s and BETC launches “Emoticon City”

McDonald’s France and BETC launched the famous “Come as You Are” signature in 2008. Recently they once again brought it to life through “EMOTICON CITY”, a new brand campaign that quickly went viral.

Discover why the creative chose emoticons and how they were brought to life in the behind the scenes film.

These Days reinvents TV advertising with innovative use of the pause button

Thanks to the new TV viewing technology, the consumer can simply fast-forward commercials. Advertisers are searching for innovative ways of getting back into the viewer’s good graces. Communication agency These Days came up with a non-intrusive method of achieving just that: breakvertising. The concept caught the attention of Telenet and SBS.

Award-winning Art Directors show the fruits of creativity + collaboration

"We know that photography can ignite, inspire and change the world." — Andrew Saunders, Senior Vice President, Creative Content at Getty Images

5 tips for authentic people shoots

Creating genuine, relatable imagery of people is one of the more challenging tasks when it comes to photography and videography. Senior Art Director Guy Merrill talks us through his five production tips to ensure that your people shoots look authentic and believable.

Who are the Vanguardians? Cultural shift toward social good shows in imagery

"These Vanguardians are the visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and public figures fostering global citizenship. And they are having an impact on imagery."

Why help photographers with their personal work? It matters

Personal work is at the core of all successful photography careers. It supports creative development, giving image-makers the opportunity to experiment and take risks. It allows photographers to push beyond the boundaries of a client brief, creating work on subjects and themes they are truly passionate about. That’s why we’re so thrilled about our inaugural Prestige Grant, which will help two photographers realize their personal dream projects.

The Ad-Man's Desk Book

British designer Jack Watson's grandma passed away a few month ago. While going through her stuff he found a large collection design books originally owned by his grandfather Sidney John Woods, who worked as an art director at Ealing Studios, an eminent film studio in England, between 1943 and 1959.

One of the pieces he found from the late 1940's is The Ad-Man's Desk Book is worth sharing. Jack writes: "Some of the content is genuinely useful - I'm trying to learn more about graphic design myself, some includes interesting references to technological limitations of the day, and some is just pretty charming and stylish." Check out the pages below and be amazed how far we've come in our profession of advertising in just 60 years.

Ram Trucks in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Ram Trucks' Guts and Glory campaign in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2015

Advertising Agency: Richards Group, Dallas, Texas, USA
Creative Director: Jimmy Bonner
Art Director: Rob Baker
Photographer: Andy Glass
Retoucher: Taylor James
Published: February 2015

Pauly and Silverman get “All Over It”

Directors Ted Pauly and Melissa Silverman have released “ALL OVER IT,” a new web series featuring the exploits of four Philly-based artists working together as a collective under the same roof.

Lego gives back stolen statues to city

Margaret Island in Budapest hosts a park where there are over 30 statues, all depicting the nation's finest artists. Two of these bronze statues were stolen in the summer, and there is no money for their replacement.

This Christmas, on the 29th of December, Lego Store Budapest with the help of Y&R, Hungary gave these two stolen statues back to the city: they built the exact replicas of the stolen originals, entirely out of lego. This way, Lego was used to build something in real life, as well as honouring something that is cardinal to the brand: Hungary's creativity. The lego statues were placed on the empty spot of the missing ones. Now, people visit the park just to see the Lego statues.

What if Santa was an agency?

Indian advertising shop Watercrab imagined what would happen if Santa was an agency.

OgilvyOne Worldwide Africa encourages adman to be naughty

Were you naughty or nice this Christmas? Ogilvy is encouraging their staff to be naughty. They illustrated wicked deeds that workmates can do to each other in the spirit of being bad this Christmas, while making fun of common office nuisances. The ads also served as the theme for their Christmas party this year.

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide Africa
Creative Director: Max Ngari
Art Directors: Patrick Munyi, Joshua Obaga
Copywriters: Michelle Kwambo
Illustrators: Patrick Munyi, Joshua Obaga, Max Ngari
General Manager: Shahzad Khan
Published: December, 2014

Ad agency gives Bitcoins a distinctly festive flavour

The act of hiding a silver coin inside a Christmas pudding dates back to the early 1300s. And in the 700 years that have since passed, currency has changed very little... until recent years. Now, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins are fast becoming a genuine payment method, so it seemed the perfect time to take an ancient Christmas tradition and bring it bang into 2014.

Introducing WCRS’ Bitmas Pudding, a digital mobile game in which users eat their way through a Christmas pudding to see what’s hidden inside it.

Friends of the agency received the game and were given the opportunity to win numerous prizes including, for one incredibly lucky virtual pudding eater, a whole Bitcoin worth over £230!

In the spirit of goodwill, winners were also able to donate their winnings to homeless charity St Mungo’s Broadway if they so wished.

Dino Burbidge, Head of Technology and Innovation at WCRS said: "Most people have heard of Bitcoins but almost all are totally baffled by them too. The simple idea of transforming a Christmas tradition was a great opportunity for our in-house creative and digital innovation teams to have some fun and demystify Bitcoins a little. At least it'll spark an interesting conversation over Christmas dinner when the pudding come out!"

Advertising Agency: WCRS, London, UK
Executive Creative Directors: Billy Faithful, Ross Neil
Creatives: Ben Brazier, Johnny Ruthven
Producer: Tri Van Huynh
Head Of Technology / Innovation: Dino Burbidge
Deputy Head Creative Technologist: Lee Barrows
Lead Creative Technologist: David Gordon
Senior Flash Designer: Nick Dinnen

Google+ now allows post promotion

Recently Google+ started to allow Google+ page owners with large following to promote their posts.

But the system doesn't work like post promotion on Facebook. Facebook promotes paid posts to users within the social network itself.

Google+ on the other hand lets you create Adwords ads of 4 different sizes from your Google+ posts. With this move Google+ became a vehicle to make Adwords creation easier for their clients.

See how the system looks like on the included screen shoots. When the user hovers over these ads the Google+ post appears in full size.

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CLIO 2014 Awards Tickets Sweepstakes

We're giving away five passes (each good for two people) to the 55th annual CLIO Awards on Oct. 1, and we want you to tell us who should come! Nominate a deserving friend, family or colleague by tagging them in a comment on this Facebook post (one nominee per person, please). On Friday, 9/19, we'll randomly select 5 lucky winners to join us at the ceremony at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC. It's up to you to decide who gets to rub elbows with industry leaders on advertising's biggest night out. Now let the nominating begin!

Reward valuable comments

In the past you could earn pencils (points) on Ads of the World by commenting (+2 pencils) and rating the posted work (+1 pencils).

From Today there is an additional way to earn points. If somebody likes your comment they can reward you by giving you a pencil of appreciation.

In the future we are planning to introduce other ways to earn points and also a way to make use of them.

See our list of top pencil holders below.

What should you do to a client that steals your idea?

Ads of the World April 2014 Winners

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New Report By JWT Examines The Circular Economy

JWT's trendspotting team has just released its latest trend report, "The Circular Economy," which explores the revival of an alternative economic model that's designed to reduce waste and is steadily gaining ground with major brands from Unilever to BMW to Philips and more.

Among other things the report highlights how brands need to reframe the customer relationship in order to become more cyclical. Companies will need to create ongoing relationships with users so as to keep their goods within the closed loop. The possibilities are numerous, including monitoring the quality of parts digitally; as Caterpillar does, creating financial incentives for the safe return of used goods, as several apparel retailers are doing; and giving consumers the means to easily repair or re-use goods.

Read the full 29 page report in pdf format.

Ads of the World iPad App

The new Ads of the World iPad App is a simple, fast and free mobile application that lets you browse the latest in advertising with ease. The app currently runs on iPads with iOS 7 or higher, but we're planning to make it available for iPhones, iOS 6 and Android as well in the near future. Let us know if you see any bugs and what would you like to see in v.2.

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